How to care for a minifigure

  • Wednesday, 26 January 2022
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The first point: pay attention to dust

The most important thing about the assembled minifigure is its ornamental function, and the ornamental value will be reduced after the ashes fall. So the best thing is to buy a display case for the minifigure. If the wallet does not allow or space does not allow, here I recommend to everyone - transparent cake box, cheap and affordable. Unscheduled cleaning is also one of the necessary operations.

Point 2: Avoid heat and spin dry

Do not expose to the sun, this is the main reason for the fading of the minifigures. After cleaning the minifigures, do not dry them hard, which will make the minifigures very brittle, especially those with larger particles.

(All images from the Superhero series)

The third point: moisture-proof

Even plastic can get moldy if it's not moisture-proof. It can be washed with water, but it should be dried in time after washing.

If you have more conservation methods, we can communicate with each other.

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