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Additional knowledge for minifigures.

  • Wednesday, 26 January 2022
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The general minifigures are about 4.5cm high (no hat and no shoes), and the slightly larger minifigures are about 8cm high (no hat and no shoes), remove the hair or headgear, and each minifigure of the same type The heights are the same.

The slightly larger minifigures are mainly characters such as Hulk, Thanos, Venom and other characters in the superhero series minifigures.

The minifigure was originally the first LEGO minifigure from the Danish brand LEGO since 1978, and it has become an infinite possibility for adult players and children to open up role-playing.

Over time, more and more brands of minifigures have emerged. Although not well-known brands, most of these brands have cheap prices and good quality. They are enough to satisfy the needs of minifigure lovers for minifigures.

The significance of minifigures is not only fun, but also has a far-reaching impact behind it. They create endless possibilities for role-playing, helping children get creative while playing, actively tell their own stories, and express real emotions.

Most importantly, children are able to experience more joy while having fun while developing key life skills including emotional intelligence, creativity and communication.

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